Innovation and leadership are two terms usually associated with Elite Group of Companies. Driven by passion and dedication, we offer you world class solutions and systems in aluminum architectural or non architectural industrial. The role of fine-tuned solutions in construction is huge. Whatever the size of the business may be, companies need top quality services that the professional team at Elite Group of Companies promise. When it comes to end-to-end solutions and professional management expertise, Elite Group of Companies has always given its best.

We seek to provide excellent products that exceed customer expectations. Our superior quality products, backed by technical support services, enhances and beautifies structures. We aim to achieve our goals through the dedication of our staff and support of our suppliers, which will empower and strengthen our legendary position in the market. This shall certainly lead to continuous growth for the benefit of our society, at large.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization; our company has been at the apex of providing a vast array of commendable services. Since its inception, the endeavor of the company has been to deliver excellence in terms of exceptional quality products and services. Through sheer dedication and commitment, we have been successful at making a positive impact on our global customers. In other words, Elite Group of Companies has developed a stronghold in the international arena. Integrity, honesty and respect, defines our culture. When it comes to superior quality services and innovative solutions, our company clearly is the first name that comes to mind. Being awarded with the “QUALICOAT” and “QUALANOD”, our unmatched services speak for themselves. We have an extensive network of clientele that seek our in-house expertise in all necessary disciplines. With a strong management ethos and adopting a proactive approach, we have successfully catered to every demand and requirement of our valuable customers. This evolution is continuing through an increasing focus on the mentioned scope in which Elite group of companies has taken an international lead.


Our Group provides clients with complete aluminium and architectural solutions under one roof. That alone is not our USP. Our clients flock to us as they are used to excellence, assurance of quality and timely delivery. At every step of our decision making, we strive to maintain our commitment to quality and excellence. Every project we take up - be it big or small - delivers the highest value and service to our clients. We look upon today’s projects as tomorrow’s legacy and remain committed to support the industry regionally and globally.