Customer's Message

Elite Group have provided us with an excellent service and we are impressed at how easy it is to communicate with them resulting in a first class job.
Mr. Zacharia
National Cont. & Industrial Co.(Aluminium Branch)
Definitely recommended, reliable, efficient, detailed, professional and worth every penny. The level of service is excellent. Thoroughly impressed with the whole company, the people, the progress and the product.
Mr. Babu,
Al Kharusi International LLC.
Our experience with Elite Group has been excellent and we would strongly recommend Elite Group. There are definitely other cheaper suppliers in the market, but after reviewing the various products and installation methods we were convinced Elite Group offered the best solution for our requirements.
Mr. Mohammed Fareed,
Manaing Director
Fareed Aluminium Services
The reason for choosing Elite Group, is the fact that they seemed experienced in their field. They provide great service and first rate product. Excellent attention to detail.
Mr. Suresh P.Kumar
Purchase Manager
Thomas Bennett Gulf LLC.
An excellent company to deal with. Highly professional, problems solved without hesitation. Enquiries are answered promptly and in an efficient style. Completely satisfied with the overall service.
Mr. K. K. Agarwal
Executive Director
Bosco Aluminium & Glass Co.LLC