Elite Group of Companies one of the trusted suppliers of aluminum products to Indian industries

Elite Group of Companies is one of the leading names in the metal industry. Famous for their innovative aluminium thermal break Systems and other aluminum products, Elite Group of Companies has been able to establish themselves as the best company in this sector. In a very less time they have been able to expand its operations both nationally and internationally.

In order to expand our business internationally, our first aim was to open up a company in India, because it is the fifth largest producer of aluminum in the world. So we established a company Elex Aluminum Products Pvt. Ltd. Situated in the city of Coimbatore in India. In a very less time our company was able to establish its name in the Indian metal industry and became one of the leading suppliers of aluminium profiles in India as well as in neighboring countries.

Based in the area of 59,800 sq. ft. the production unit is not only equipped with latest machines but also has team of experienced workers who are considered as the backbone of production work. The production unit consists of 3 presses:

· Two 4” presses with the production capacity of 300kg’s per hour

· One 5” press with the production capacity of 550kg’s per hour

Our company is fully capable in meeting general and specific requirements of aluminum products of small and big industries throughout India. Elite Group of Companies specialize in producing quality products which include Rolled aluminium coils, aluminum profiles, aluminum sheet coils, extrusion dies and many more products.

With the help of Elex Aluminum Products Pvt. Ltd, Elite Group of companies is able to cater to the aluminum needs and requirements of a large number of clients in India. Aluminum is a widely used metal both in household and commercial applications. The reason behind its wide use is because the light weight and resistance to corrosion.

We aim to provide best quality aluminium sheet, aluminum coils, powder coated profiles, aluminium extrusion dies and various other aluminum products as per the need and requirement of our clients. Our stringent quality tests and affordable prices make our products stand out from others.

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